Alternative energy — Part 2

October 11, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor to introduce the readers to a new source of energy that is not discussed, pro or con, in the U.S. energy policies by either presidential candidate or even state and local politicians. Thorium Energy presents an enormous possibility to produce scalable, affordable, safe, clean and sustainable energy. It is a fact that there is more energy available in thorium than all coal, gas, oil and uranium on Earth combined. Thorium is the future energy source and what is the U.S. government doing about it? I couldn’t find a valid reason.

What I did find were lots of reasons not to continue with uranium-based light water nuclear reactors which produces tons of radioactive waste. These third generation reactors have been around for 40-plus years and have outlived their designed usage. Unfortunately the government has extended their licenses and that could cause some future risk. Why? Because today’s reactors burn a very small amount of the solid uranium rods and what is left over has to be stored. This waste is currently stored at the Nuclear Power Plant site itself.

However, Sen. Jeff Bingaman has authored a bill in the U.S. Senate to give all the residents of New Mexico a parting gift. He has volunteered New Mexico as the new dumping ground for highly radioactive waste from all the nuclear power plants across the U.S. and also from the military. What surprised me was how much favorability this bill is getting from the local politicians here in southeast New Mexico. In the meantime, people in other states were understandably angry when Nevada’s powerful Sen. Harry Reid persuaded President Obama to terminate the Yucca Mountain Login to read more

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