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October 10, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Ok! When I turn on the news or open the paper I can’t help but hear how the Republicans and President Bush ruined the economy … and how the Bush administration spent so much money, ran up our deficit and started the war in Iraq for no other reason than oil and that Saddam Hussein tried to kill his father.

This is what I know, because I lived it. Iraq was showing defiance regarding Iraq’s nuclear refinement program by repeatedly expelling NATO nuclear investigators and provoking sanctions, like Iran is doing now — because trust me they’re building a nuclear bomb. The reason that we knew Iraq had weapons of mass destruction — we gave them to them and trained them. Why — because Iraq was our ally during the Iran War against Khomeini. We gave them months to clear it out because heaven forbid we find the weapons, which Hussein instead used to kill millions of his own people, had been made in the USA.

The Clintons were anti-military. Hillary banned military uniforms being worn in the White House and Chelsea refused to ride with her military driver. (Every branch of the military has White House appointees.) The New York Times Bestseller “Dereliction of Duty” written by Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, USAF (retired), states: General Fogelman, “Carrier of the nuclear football,” one of the most respected Air Force chief of staff, retired before his term was up because he had lost his respect and confidence in the leadership of this administration.

Clinton was in on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Alliance), which along with [auth] government regulations and higher taxes forced most of the fabric mills in North and South Carolina to go overseas.

Clinton also put a freeze on government hiring and closed over 30 military and/or government installations. On paper the claim was they cut XYZ billions from our spending. As I have witnessed there are a lot of government jobs that are redundant, useless and people are overpaid to sit on their bottoms waiting for just two years, four months and 16 days until retirement. I was assigned to work for the Federal Government Emergency Management Facility due to the “freeze.” I worked for LB & B, Lily Brannon and Brannon, a sub-contractor that is owned by a minority female, who provided workers to the government. LB & B had workers in many areas just a few of which were Holloman AFB in White Sands, Mt. Weather, Va., Olney, Md., and many more.

Many of these workers were “non-essential”; however, they are the ones who ran snow plows, shoveled sidewalks, drove dump trucks, sanitation workers, electricians, plumbers, etc. You know — the hard laborers which are really essential. During my job with LB & B, I worked in the same office, wore the same uniforms — which were provided and laundered by the government, drove a government vehicle — gas provided, used tools provided, and was provided with two new pair of footwear yearly. All of my training and HAZMAT equipment was also provided by the government.

I was paid the same rate as my government co-workers, regardless of their seniority, and I’m sure that LB & B got their cut as well. So basically I am trying to point out that for every dollar that was “saved” there was actually even more spent instead. This emergency management facility had buildings the size of Wal-Mart sitting, waiting for a disaster. Due to government budget cuts and freezes these facilities still had rotary phones, manual typewriters, steel bunk beds in the dormitories and no IT at all. I received my Top Secret Clearance with this agency before 9/11 happened and became an employee of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which then became the Department of Homeland Security. After 9/11 many things had to change and a lot of money was spent on satellite systems, updating security systems, updating dilapidated office equipment, and installing IT.

Airports were forced to install more efficient equipment to screenpassengers, more personnel were hired and TSA’s became a way of life. These costs were covered by the government and also partially passed on to the consumer. Following on the heels of 9/11 was the “Anthrax” attack resulting in upgrading safety monitors in the Post Office system, Fed Ex, UPS etc. These agencies had to install x-ray, bio-sniffers, and radiation detection systems, once again at an expense that was covered by the government and partially passed on to the consumer. Then there was Hurricane Katrina, which in spite of billions of dollars of federal money issued prior to Katrina to improve the levies and pumping stations which failed causing major devastation.

Apparently the money given was not used for its specific purpose causing more money to be spent to help everyone affected by this awful natural disaster and to improve the levies and pumping stations. I don’t know if President Bush did the right things, but I will say that I’m just glad that Al Gore, John Kerry or Bill Clinton weren’t in office when 9/11 changed the world. Not only did all of these events bring fear and devastation into our lives it cost trillions in security changes, insurance claims and lawsuits.

Also, just to remind everyone — Pelosi, Feinstein, Reed, Kennedy and oh yeah Franks — the head of the Regulatory Committee for Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, were in control when the financial walls came tumbling down.

Please, I urge every legal citizen to exercise their right to vote, but take the time to read, study the facts and use common sense. Remember what the founders of this wonderful land of opportunity intended when they met in secret cellars and penned a Constitution that guaranteed equal opportunity, not necessarily equal results!

When you place your hand over your heart and take the oath to “Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic” it definitely changes your perspective.

Thankful for freedom of speech,

Maxwell Vance


Bond issue supported

Dear Editor,

B is for books; everyone’s books. This bond will help all the libraries in Chaves County including RISD, Dexter, Lake Arthur, Hagerman, NMMI and ENMU-R. Now, what does this mean to all of us? According to the New Mexico Board of Finance, the average owner of property worth $100,000 will pay just 56 cents each year for a 10-year period. These funds are to be used for library materials, equipment and other resources.

The Roswell Public Library is celebrating 106 of dedicated service to this community. A commitment such as this can be matched by very few.

Please join me in voting yes on Bond Issue B. Please remember that B is for books; everyone’s books.


Marna A. Hunt


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