5 women assault protester outside store

October 10, 2012 • Local News

The protest taking place outside Municipal Court has stirred up controversy in unexpected ways. Jo McInerny of the Animal Welfare Alliance said her fellow protester was assaulted outside of Albertsons by women who told her to “mind her own business.”

Fellow protester Kylie Walker said five women approached her as she was leaving the store. At first she thought she had bumped into one of them and was getting ready to apologize until they said the dog was none of her concern. “It was only then that I knew what they were talking about,” she said. One of the checkers came to her rescue.

Walker contends that animal cruelty is her concern. “When a dog is 40 pounds underweight, of course, it’s my concern.”

McInerny agrees. “If it hadn’t been for the employees, it probably would Login to read more

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2 Responses to 5 women assault protester outside store

  1. murphy says:

    Human or animal abuse is everyone’s business. Looks like these 5 women should be impounded. Or maybe they would prefer to be treated as the animals were, beaten with bats, set on fire, starved. Keep uo the good work Jo and Kylie.

  2. Am_RodRN84 says:

    That woman does not deserve any of her dogs back, she can’t take care of her children, yet alone animals.

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