One nation under God

October 7, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to say “thank you” to a concerned citizen, Yvonne Lehman, who sent a letter on God bless America. I have felt much the same way she does on what is happening in America and it really makes me sick. I love this country and love the freedoms we have.

We have been given so much and it upsets me that so many of the [auth] citizens of this great country aren’t standing up for what the fathers of our country wanted this nation to be! We no longer have respect for families, marriages, children, neighbors — let’s get what we want now and who cares if someone is hurt in the process. We, as a Christian nation, should all be on our knees thanking God for what he has given us, and not pray “God damn America” as we have heard Obama’s former pastor say. Let’s all pray “God bless America and keep it strong” and vote to keep our nation free from those who want to destroy it!

We need to all pray as we go to vote this November that our nation will continue to be one nation under God!

A God fearing American citizen,

Marjorie E. Newman


Yard sale signs

Dear Editor:

The city and county could make a killing, on issuing citations for littering, to people who don’t go around town collecting their old yard sale signs! After all, their address is on the sign, and it would be the easiest money making project the city and county could ever have! Just sayin’.

Real tired of the litter!

Lyn Moody


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