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October 7, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

November 6, 2012, will be a special day in America, New Mexico [auth] and Chaves County. It is my hope that everyone registered will vote. I am writing in support of the statewide GO Bond issues “B” and “C.”

General Obligation Bond “B” will provide $9.7 million for public, tribal, school and academic libraries throughout New Mexico. In Roswell we are fortunate to have the Roswell Public Library ($90,128), libraries in our public schools ($72,298) and libraries at the New Mexico Military Institute ($8,774) and Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell ($34,239).

Also, our friends in Dexter ($10,688), Hagerman ($9,675) and Lake Arthur ($9,241) are beneficiaries of the bond issue. The New Mexico State Board of Finance estimates the average cost for a $100,000 property to be 56 cents per year for 10 years. These centers of learning are vital to the education of our students and provide informational data and reading pleasure for all our citizens.

General Obligation Bond “C” will fund $119.4 million to higher education for capital improvements such as modernizing and updating classrooms, constructing or renovating facilities to meet student needs and making badly needed repairs. Critical renovations will be made to Lusk Hall at New Mexico Military Institute for $5 million. ENMU-R will receive $1.5 million for needed roof repairs, boiler and infrastructure replacement. These projects will add jobs to our local and state economy. There will be no increase in taxes for this issue as existing bonds are being paid off.

In the heat of the national, state and county wide campaigns we wonder what the candidates “can do for us?” A vote for GO Bonds “B” and “C” is something constructive we can do for ourselves. Please vote for these important issues.


Steve Henderson

City Councilor

ENMU-R Foundation Board


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