Hugh Hambric teaches competitive marksmanship, tells students to have fun

October 6, 2012 • Local News

Hugh Hambric demonstrates one of the shooting positions those who compete must learn. He’s in his second year as collegiate team rifle coach at NMMI. Chaunte’l Powell Photo

Hugh Hambric said that while he may grow old, he’ll never grow up. He’s spent the majority of his life shooting guns, which to him is like child’s play.

Hambric’s father was in the Marine Corps, and he said because of that he was exposed to guns and shooting as a child. At the age of 16, he joined the Devil Pups, an organization affiliated with the Marine Corps and aimed at teenagers seeking to build their character and become successful citizens. He grew up in southern California and his particular Devil Pups chapter would meet at Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

During this time, Hambric was actively involved in the Southern California Jr. Rifle League. He said they competed all over California and even in national matches in Ohio, shooting small bore rifles as well as high power ones. One of his fondest memories during that time was learning how to shoot in competitions.

From there he was drafted into the Army. In Europe he said they shot against all the other NATO countries and while on tour in Vietnam, he was the designated marksman for Special Ops, long-range recon and patrol. After his stint in the military, he Login to read more

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