Review: Broadway ‘Grace’ deeply thoughtful, crisp

October 5, 2012 • Entertainment

This theater image released by The O + M Company shows Paul Rudd, left, and Kate Arrington during a performance of “Grace,” at the Cort Theatre in New York. (AP Photo/The O + M Company, Joan Marcus)

NEW YORK (AP) — The play “Grace” opens at the end, which is to say a final, terrible scene that leaves no loose ends. Someone is holding a gun. There are bodies on the stage.

How things ever got to this awful place is the subject of Craig Wright’s deeply thoughtful black comedy, which has a crackerjack cast under the impressive direction of Dexter Bullard. Somehow, as the cast builds back up to the already seen final scene during the course of the play’s life, the suspense builds.

Wright has bitten off quite a lot with just four actors and a script that runs a little over 90 minutes. What’s it about? Well, the nature of faith, forgiveness and human frailty. But it’s not nearly as preachy and heavy-handed as that sounds.

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