God’s love not a free pass to sin

October 5, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor

It is evident that we live in a society that does not know the true God of the Bible. We live in a John 3:16 overfed society. We live in a society where you can turn on your TV and hear guys like Joel Osteen say “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” We live in a society where abortion is at an [auth] all-time high. We live in a society where 12-year-olds kill their parents while they sleep.

We live in a society where beer and drugs are consumed more than ever before. We live in a society when teenage pregnancy is at an all-time high. We live in a society where murder and rape and child pornography is at an all-time high. We live in a society where God is being taken out of the classroom and the courtroom and the pledge of allegiance. We live in a society when one in two marriages end in divorce. We live in a society where sex outside of marriage is popular. We live in a society where men think it nothing to cheat on their wives.

We live in a society where people mock God and think it’s a joke. We live in a society where thieves break in and steal the things you’ve worked so hard for. We live in a society where young kids run the streets at all hours of the night doing vandalism, like shooting out your car windows with a pellet gun. We live in a society where you can’t even pull over to help someone out of fear they will shoot you and take your car. We live in a society where gang violence is increasing more and more.

We live in a society where young girls walk around in public half dressed and the parents wonder why pregnancy occurs at such a young age. We live in a society where people care more about trees and animals than they do God. We live in a society where people would rather party their life away than live for God. We live in a society where some of the most heinous crimes are being committed.

With that being said, then you have people like Mr. Wells and Mrs. Dawson telling you “God loves you.” Let’s tell that to the guy who just raped and murdered a 5-year old-girl. He doesn’t need to hear that. I’m willing to bet he will never change by hearing things like that. You might ask me what makes me qualified to say that or what Bible college I went to? Well I graduated from Bible Believers University and my pulpit is the concrete streets of America. I have seen firsthand what it does telling people “God loves you.”

Only the brokenhearted people ready to repent deserve those words. Not a proud arrogant sinner cussing God. I’ve witnessed in places where most Christians would be scared to go in. And the thing that will amaze you is, is the 99 percent of those people involved in some of the most wicked things you can think of, all think they are going to Heaven because someone told them “God loves you.”

You see there is a God in Heaven that is very different than the one most people paint the picture of. Let me clarify: I am loving to tell you the truth. The whole council is required when witnessing to someone. In such a hardhearted society, a hard approach is needed. The sugar coated gospel is dangerous to your soul. So if you think I’m hard, wait until you meet God.


Justin Craft


Too many perks for politicians

Dear Editor:

Lately, politicians of both parties have been letting us know that entitlements have to be reduced.

May I make a suggestion, politicians? Look at yourselves first!

Federal health care, I believe, is subsidized about 70 percent by the tax payers.

I believe you have free use of a very well-equipped gym.

Haircuts are free, or very much less than away from the Capitol.

Office space is provided.

Office staff is provided.

Free mailing. Watch now, we shall learn what our elected officials have done for us (with our money).

Surely, the Pols can reduce their recess numbers to do more of the “people’s business” as you were hired to do.

Peg Briney


Stronger penalties for animal abuse

Dear Editor:

How many times are the people of Roswell going to pick up their newspapers and see on the front page a picture of an abused animal? What is it going to take before the laws are changed in order to protect these poor animals? Obviously it is not a priority to protect them, when Judge Loy won’t even look at the pictures or hear testimony regarding the abuse. Then he turns around and gives this dog back to the idiot owner who can’t even afford to pay the fine.

Yes we are sending a strong message to our youth, go ahead and abuse and nothing will happen. Small slap on the hand, maybe a fine or not.

Now a 12-year-old boy tries to light a chihuahua’s ears on fire, but I’m sure he won’t be punished for it. Why would he, the adults do it so it must be OK, right?

People of Roswell, we have got to stand up and get the laws changed, this sort of thing must not continue to happen. We are the only voice and hope that these animals have, if we don’t help them then no one will.

Mary Lee Schoen


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