Cael’s turkey, Bob, top bird

October 4, 2012 • Local News

What a difference a few months make. Cael Alderete’s turkey Bob was named Reserve Best of Barn in the poultry show in the Chaves County 4-H and FFA Fair in August. Bob came back and was crowned Best in Barn in the bird show Wednesday with little help from Alderte.

“I didn’t do anything different,” the 11-year-old Roswell resident said. “I just [auth] let him grow and try not to let him get beat up [by other Alderete’s turkeys].

Alderte said he was nervous entering the competition that his effort, or lack thereof, wouldn’t pay off. It did, literally, and now he can continue competing next year.

“I was nervous that I wasn’t going to make a sale with anybody,” he said. “But I did and it felt good because now we have money to do it again next year.”

Alderete is the son of Joel and Kelly Alderete and a member of the Barn Buddies 4-H Club.

Zachary Weber said, “Thirteen years of hard work finally paid off,” as his Plymouth white rock hen was named Reserve Best in Barn. The 19-year-old Hobbs resident is a member of TVC 4-H Club and appreciated the level of competition elevating from the past year.

“I thought it was very good this year,” he said. “ I thought all the kids’ animals from all the counties that came to this show actually did spruce their quality back up this year compared to last year.”

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