Now comes Obama's turn; tight campaign at a pivot

September 1, 2012 • National News

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney talks with local residents during a tour of areas flooded hurricane Isaac, Friday, Aug. 31, 2012, in Jean Lafitte, La. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

FORT BLISS, Texas (AP) — His convention turn coming fast, President Barack Obama on Friday began sprinting toward one of his last, best shots to win over voters, ready to promise better days even for those who do not feel better off. Rival Mitt Romney, flush with confidence after his party’s convention, declared: “We love this country and we’re taking it back.”

Both angling for the aura of leadership, Romney swooped in on rain-drenched Louisiana, while Obama stood with troops in Texas and reminded the nation that he ended the war in Iraq. Obama, too, will visit storm-battered Louisiana on Monday, a move the White House said was decided before Romney revealed his plans.

The race for the White House suddenly felt more urgent, a final heated day of August giving way to a two-month stretch in which many voters will get serious about making their choices — or even voting for one in the states that allow early balloting.

The political buzz followed Romney, hours after a convention speech in which he introduced himself to America and asked on-the-fence voters to let go of a president who “has disappointed America.” A rambling, surprising and strange appearance by movie legend Clint Eastwood at the GOP event still had people talking, too.

But attention was shifting to Obama, the incumbent who gets the last shot at making a Login to read more

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