Daredevil returns for 2nd test

July 25, 2012 • Local News

Got helium?

Red Bull Stratos has returned to Roswell this week for its second manned test flight, as the team nears the culmination of a mission to the edge of space. In preparation for Felix Baumgartner’s historic jump from above 120,000 feet later this summer, a 5.3 million-cubic-feet balloon will lift the Austrian adventurer approximately 90,000 feet above ground before he steps out of a pressurized capsule and plunges back to Earth.

The test flight has been canceled twice this week due to unfavorable weather conditions, according to the Red Bull Stratos website. The team was forced to scrap the Login to read more

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One Response to Daredevil returns for 2nd test

  1. roswalien says:

    Is it just me or was there just a serious lack of attention to such a cool event. Again Roswell drops the ball. Learned more from this on Yahoo than any NEWS program or paper. The man broke the sound barrier with his body for Petes sake. Is that not an event that deserved a lot more attention for him and Roswell. I apologize if Im speaking uninformed and there was an actual respectful turnout I know I would have been there!

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