Olympic opener will be spectacular but not secret

July 24, 2012 • Entertainment

Australian swimmer James Magnussen speaks during a news conference at the Main Press Center ahead of the 2012 Summer Olympics, Monday, July 23, 2012, in London. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

LONDON (AP) — The London Olympics opening ceremony will be a grand spectacle — but will it be a surprise?

In a word, no.

Director Danny Boyle wants the details to stay secret and games chief Sebastian Coe has pleaded for insiders to stop leaking details of the extravaganza. But in the age of camera phones and social media, with 10,000 performers in the ceremony, thousands of Olympic security and staff and more than 10,000 journalists already at the Olympic Park, not much can be kept out of the public domain.

“Part of the modern world means you can’t really do that,” Boyle acknowledged about keeping secrets as he showed journalists a mock-up of the set for the opening scene of the ceremony, weeks before the event.

So, a spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you want Friday’s opening ceremony to be a surprise. Stop, stop, stop.

But if you are as irresistibly curious as the rest of us, well, prepare for everything from James Bond to Lord Voldemort to a spoonful of sugar.

Boyle has revealed only selected details about the show, But since the performers started rehearsals in June at the Olympic Stadium — and an army of journalists started arriving to cover the July 27-Aug. 12 games — a trickle of details about the 27 million pound ($42 million) opening ceremony has become a torrent.

The leaks became too much for Coe, who tweeted: “Share the frustration of volunteer performers and the public at Opening Ceremony being unofficially Login to read more

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