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July 20, 2012 • Editorial

Soldiers’ pay

“Citizen soldiers” in the National Guard and ready Reserve are critical to our security.

As recruiting incentives, the Pentagon provides double pay for days the citizen soldiers spend training (one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer).

A day’s work nets two days’ pay.

But if the troops are activated — perhaps for combat duty — they are paid at the regular rate. A day under fire gains them a single day’s pay. They receive some supplements, such as combat pay, but still take home less [auth] than if they were training.

That’s illogical.

The Pentagon has painted itself into something of a corner on the compensation issue. Pay cuts for training are not realistic. But neither is paying a man or woman more for learning to fire a rifle than for using it in combat.

Obviously, at least for Guard and Reserve members sent into battle, the system should be changed.

Guest Editorial

The Leader-Herald, Gloversville, N.Y

Federal ‘green’ energy subsidies

Flushing taxpayers’ money down the “green” toilet in Washington has become a habit for President Barack Obama’s administration. Now, to hundreds of millions of dollars gone in government subsidies for solar power projects and companies such as Solyndra, add geothermal energy to the mix.

And add U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to the list of politicians who have helped failing “green” energy firms with taxpayers’ money.

It was reported recently Nevada Geothermal Power company is in hot water financially. According to a published report, NGP has lost $98 million during the past several years and, after servicing its debt, is having trouble covering operating costs.

If NGP joins losers such as Solyndra in going bankrupt, taxpayers may lose the $98.5 million in loan guarantees provided the firm by the Obama administration through a program Reid pushed in the Senate.

While Obama, Reid and associates do all in their power to ruin the coal industry, they are using billions of dollars in public funds to postpone the demises of some “green” energy enterprises. That is something voters ought to remember in November.

Guest Editorial

The Advertiser-Tribune, Tiffin, Ohio

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