Know the signs of illegal car sellers

July 17, 2012 • Local News

An age-old scam has accelerated in Roswell, exploiting unsuspecting, and at times naive, car buyers.

Curbstoning, or “curbing” for short, is the repeated practice of illegally flipping cars. The curbstoner, or private individual, often purchases these vehicles at salvage title auctions, resulting in a car that has previously been wrecked or damaged rendering it uneconomical to repair. The cars are then parked on street corners or in parking lots and misrepresented as the curbstoner’s personal vehicle.

If you sell more than four cars a year, you need to have a dealer’s license, says Derek Marker, executive director of New Mexico Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Marker is also the owner of Albuquerque-based Marcar Auto Inc.

“Roswell is rampant with this stuff. It has been for a long, long time. It should be a state-addressed issue because the state is getting robbed of the most taxes. The city is too. But mainly the state, because the sales tax goes to the state,” said Login to read more

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