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July 12, 2012 • Local News

With [auth] the state’s initiative to evaluate the performance of New Mexico schools better, came a new rating system and the first report card revealing passing grades for the majority of public schools, including in Roswell, where just one school failed.

“These results are not only important to inform parents and students today about where their school stands, but they are helpful for teachers, school leaders, and community stakeholders who want to take action to reform education in New Mexico and improve our schools,” stated Gov. Susana Martinez in a press release. “We are measuring progress and growth, and we need to focus more intently than ever on identifying our lowest-performing schools and students so that we can get them the help they need to succeed.”

The state released preliminary grades in January. Following this release, the Public Education Department’s website received more than 300,000 hits, “pointing to a significant level of interest and engagement by parents, teachers, school leaders, and community stakeholders in the performance of New Mexico schools,” the department stated.

According to the PED, the majority of New Mexico schools either maintained or improved grade since the release of the preliminary results. Of the 831 elementary, middle and high schools evaluated, 39 A’s were handed out, 198 B’s, 275 C’s, 250 D’s and 69 F’s.

Previously the state assessed schools largely based upon annual student test scores. Now other indicators including past test scores, academic growth, graduation rates, attendance and college and career preparedness are part of the evaluation process.

Of the 22 schools in the Roswell Independent School District, two received A’s, four received B’s, five received C’s, eight received D’s and one failed. New Mexico Military Institute and Parkview Early Literacy Center each received a question mark, meaning the two are viewed by the PED as private institutions and thus not evaluated by the department. Here is the breakdown of how each school was graded.

Berrendo Elementary: B

Berrendo Middle: A

Del Norte Elementary: B

East Grand Plains Elementary: C

El Capitan Elementary: D

Goddard High: B

Mesa Middle: C

Military Heights Elementary: B

Missouri Ave Elementary: C

Monterrey Elementary: D

Mountain View Middle: C

Nancy Lopez Elementary: D

NM Military Institute: ?

Parkview Early Literacy Center: ?

Pecos Elementary: C

Roswell High: D

Sidney Gutierrez Middle: A

Sierra Middle: D

Sunset Elementary: F

University High: D

Valley View Elementary: D

Washington Ave Elementary: D

Valley View: D

Both Dexter Middle and High school received a C, while its elementary school received a D. In Hagerman, its elementary school received a D, while its high school received a B and its middle school an F. Lake Arthur Elementary, Middle and High school all received C’s.

Rep. Nora Espinoza, R-Roswell, a member of the Legislative Education Study Committee during the interim, said, “The key to this that I’m excited about is now we have a base to where we can begin, where the schools can analyze and see what changes need to take place … I would be more concerned if it continued in this direction after several years.” Espinoza indicated her hope that the new grading system would prompt further parental attentiveness and involvement.

A complete breakdown of every school grade can be found on the NMPED website at:

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