Troubadour Cory Branan to perform at Pecos Flavors Winery

July 10, 2012 • Local News

Cory Branan

Telling the stories [auth] of people and situations so intertwined with the human condition that they cannot help but feel familiar to his listeners, modern-day troubadour Cory Branan will soon make a pit stop in Roswell.

Originally from Southaven, Miss., the singer-songwriter has already spent a few weeks in Europe promoting his latest album, “MUTT,” released May 22. Now, he’s making his way through the U.S., where he began his American tour on the East Coast, made it to California, and made another U-turn to come perform at Pecos Flavors Winery, 305 N. Main St., Thursday at 7 p.m. with fellow singer/songwriter Audra Mae.

“It’s a beautiful country to drive through,” Branan said of New Mexico, a state he has visited on several occasions.

It has been some time since Branan put together an album. His last album before “MUTT,” titled “12 Songs,” came out in 2006. The album before that, Branan’s first album, titled “The Hell You Say,” debuted in 2002. But just because it’s been six years since he’s churned out an album does not mean Branan has taken a break from music. In fact, he has been dutifully composing during his hiatus and, at some point, just “knew” that what he had before him was the makings of a successful album.

“I had a lot of songs,” he explained in a phone interview. “I knew that these 12, 13 songs were not about the same things—but that a theme held them all together. … The first two records were kind of a collection of songs. (‘MUTT’) is much more of an album.”

Branan said that if he were to pinpoint the underlying theme to “MUTT,” it would be best expressed in the chorus of the song, “Lilly,” which proposes that “the best trick/is to see the magic/once you’ve seen the wires.” Branan said the song reflects the notion of what happens after one’s idealism has been lost.

“What do you do with the leftovers?” Branan asked metaphorically. The same loss of idealism and wondering what to do with what remains is reflected in the song, “Survivor Blues,” albeit the sentiment is accompanied with a lot more despair: “They say it makes you stronger, but first you gotta survive/what didn’t kill you will make you wish you died.”

Despite his music’s raw, unapologetically honest insights on life, Branan said his goal is for his music to provide something meaningful to its listeners.

“I hope the songs are useful,” Branan said. “I hope (my audience) can put (my songs) to work for them.”

For more information about Branan’s tour, including his upcoming visit to Pecos Flavors Winery, visit For reservations for Thursday’s performance, call 627-6265. Tickets are $10.

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