Foreign perspective on Obamacare

July 8, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I find it interesting that boosters of the socialist health tax reference the European health care system as a model worth replication in our country. Would you recommend a restaurant that you never ate a meal in; a hotel where you never spent a night; or a mechanic who never turned a wrench on your car? As a nation we Americans are active and mobile individuals. The caveat is our mobility is for the most part limited to the confines of our borders.

Not long ago a State Department colleague mentioned that just 15 percent of Americans hold passports. So how many of us have actually met a satisfied customer of the Euro-utopian medical mechanism?

In March of 2010 I was in the Munich Airport and noticed that nearly all of the newspapers had front page stories on Obamacare. I was curious why what I considered to be an American national issue was generating such attention on the international scene, so I asked a German couple for details. It was explained to me that most Germans and most Europeans for that matter are not at all pleased with their forced and government regulated health care. The gentleman added that yes there are some Germans who do like the plan. The English word for the fans of the plan is the unemployed. Because of the high taxes, those with jobs hate it; those without jobs love it.

OK, but still why does America’s selection of socialized medicine concern our allies so much? The reply was that most citizens abroad hold the opinion that mandated health care in the U.S. will have a negative effect on the American economy and that decline will ultimately be passed on to the Login to read more

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