With a call to Crime Stoppers, you can make a difference in crime!

July 3, 2012 • Local Business Review

For more information, please visit the Chaves County Crime Stoppers web site at . Callers can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a reward. REMEMBER TO CALL 1-888-594- T I P S (8477) AND YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN AWARD OF UP TO $1000!


We are really proud of our Chaves County Crime Stoppers organization! About two and a half years ago, a meeting was held of a “new” Board of Directors for this purely voluntary organization. Although Chaves County Crime Stoppers had been organized back in the late Eighties, it had become dormant and inactive for several years, until this important “first” meeting in October of 2009. Since that time, we have worked hard to make an impact on crime in Roswell and Chaves County. Pure and simple, the law enforcement community cannot do it all! The Roswell Police Department, Chaves County Sheriff’s Office, New Mexico State Police, and other law enforcement entities are all highly competent officials who have a tough job to do. Chaves County Crime Stoppers [auth] exists solely to provide those officers with a little bit of an edge, providing lots of extra eyes and ears. The real point is that you can, on your own, make a difference in Roswell’s crime rate!

Here’s how it works. Let’s assume that you become aware of a crime and you know quite a bit of the detail surrounding that crime. Maybe someone is talking a lot about it, maybe bragging a little. Or perhaps you have seen a known criminal hanging around in a particular house. With a simple phone call, you can report what you know and perhaps become eligible for a monetary award. And you can do so anonymously! Chaves County Crime Stoppers utilizes a call center which is located near Houston, Texas. No one will recognize your voice nor will your name appear on a caller i.d. of any kind. We don’t want you to have any fear in placing such a Crime Stoppers call. The call center, which handles Crime Stopper accounts exclusively, is available for calls 24/7, and can take tips in Spanish and in English. You can feel confident that YOUR CALL IS ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS.

Once the call is processed, and an arrest has been made or a warrant issued, you may be eligible for a cash award of up to $1000. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, the Chaves County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors will agree upon the proper amount to be awarded. Our board consists of eight community minded business men and women, and four law enforcement officers who serve in an advisory capacity on the board. All of these people have a certain passion for the job we do and the role we play in helping to make Roswell and Chaves County a safer place to live.


Part of the “kick-start” to Crime Stoppers was ensuring that we are up-to-speed with the Twenty-first Century. Our first venture into this highly technical age was to create a web-site. Check out . It is always “under construction” to an extent, in that we try to keep the Wanted Fugitives section updated and current. You can usually expect to see current photographs and updated  information on wanted fugitives and persons of interest. For this information we rely on the Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Probation and Parole Department. We are also aware of other technological opportunities which could be implemented in the future.


While Chaves County Crime Stoppers is doing okay financially today, we are always aware that tougher times could come. If you would like to make a donation to Chaves County Crime Stoppers, please send it to P.O. Box 551, Roswell, NM 88202-0551. We are a bona fide 501(c)(3) organization, and much appreciative of the community in which we live. Thank you!

Remember: 1-888-594-T I P S (8477). You could be eligible for an award of up to $1000.00!!

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