Larry Connolly: Entrepeneur, news junkie, Starbucks aficionado

June 30, 2012 • Local News

Larry Connolly at his usual post at Starbucks. Julia Bergman Photo

Between the hours of 8:30 and 10:30 a.m., Larry Connolly can be found sitting at his habitual Starbucks table, honorably procured for him, where he has a plain view of those walking through the front door. The table, made to seat four, often expands throughout the morning to accommodate eight or even 10, as Connolly invites others to join him. He calls it his “morning job,” greeting locals as they fetch their morning brew, chewing the fat with friends, and getting his news junkie fix by reading an array of daily publications.

While he has lived in Roswell for only seven years, Connolly has become somewhat of a fixture in the community, and particularly at Starbucks.

He and his wife Ellen moved from Minnesota to Roswell to care for her mother. Two years after they arrived, Starbucks opened on Main Street.

Connolly would take care of his mother-in-law when she got up in the morning, from 6 to 9 a.m., and would go to Starbucks once she took her daily nap. It was on the second day that Starbucks was open that Connolly was dubbed Larry Latte by the manager at the time, a name that has fondly stuck with him.

At the time, Connolly said he knew only 20 Roswellites, so he committed himself to meeting new people. Now, he says he knows at least 500, although many estimate it’s Login to read more

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