Butterfinger BARmageddon invades Roswell

June 30, 2012 • Local News

Jason Zone Fisher, left, and Adam Ward and their Butterfinger BARmageddon News Network vehicle make a stopover in Roswell, Friday, while en route from New York to San Diego. Mark Wilson Photo

The Butterfinger BARmageddon News Network has invaded Roswell, counting down the days to the Mayan prophecy predicted for Dec. 21, 2012.
BBNN’s expert conspiracy theorists Jason Zone Fisher and Adam Ward are on a coast-to-coast tour, ready to keep Butterfinger fans apprised of the pending dangers that face their favorite candy bar.

Fisher and Ward, who arrived in Roswell Friday afternoon, will attend UFO Festival events today to spread the word about the end times and share free candy samples, coupons and Butterfinger underwear.

“We’ve been like [auth] this since we were young,” Fisher said, “always wondering what else is out there, and about possible conspiracies and things like that. So this is like the Mecca of it all, here in Roswell. I’m really excited to be here, and I know that this is the heart of where all the alien activity already took place. It’s a logical place for the BARmageddon News Network.”

The nationwide BARmageddon tour started in New York City at the end of May, and will conclude in San Diego at the San Diego Comic-Con International in mid-July, Fisher said.

Ward said so far BBNN has visited dozens of cities, sharing vital information and candy bars. “What we’re showing people, telling people and trying to explain to naysayers is that keeping with the Mayan prophecy, the world is coming to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, and that a connection does actually exist between the Mayan prophecy and Butterfinger candy.

“We eat them every day. We just had a couple Butterfinger milkshakes along the way. They’re important to us, but there are a lot of other important things in life, you know. It will be one of the things we miss, that’s for sure.”

Festival-goers who spot the BBNN news van should know that Fisher and Ward will be handing out goodies throughout the day.

“We have some Butterfinger stuff that we give away; it keeps everyone happy,” Fisher said. “Because we’re spreading kind of depressing news that the world is ending, so we want to make everyone happy at the same time.”

Ward added that he and Fisher have high hopes for their experience in the city. “It’s cool to be in a place like Roswell where a lot of people have open minds. A lot of people might laugh at this or goof on us — it’s something we’re used to; it comes with the territory. But I think that’s one of the most exciting things about here, is that people are open to believing the truth. Not the fake truths that are always pretending.”

For more information, visit ButterfingerBARmageddon .com.

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