RPD updates systems

June 28, 2012 • Local News

The Roswell Police Department switched to its new computer system, Monday. The updated system has been in the works since April 2011 when the RPD received funding from a Justice Assistance Grant.

“The computer system was launched yesterday when we gathered around 4:30 a.m.,” said RPD spokesman Commander Bill Brown. Six experts from the software firm OSSI Sunguard converged on Roswell from different areas of the country to witness the new system go online. [auth] “We switched from the old CAD (computer-aided dispatch) to the new CAD around 8:30 a.m. Everybody switched on the MCT (Mobile Communication Terminals),” Brown said.

Although the launch did not go off without a hitch, he said that many of the difficulties, such as resetting passwords, were expected.

“We have been planning this for over a year. Each member of the police department has gone for training in the new software,” Brown said.

The system will allow officers on the street to research previous calls, complete license plate checks and research warrants without having to contact dispatch. “Being able to research old calls will enable us to piece things together for investigation reasons,” he said.

The launch reflects Phase I of the conversion process from old to new. In Phase II, the records management and mobile field reporting system will go on line. “We won’t go complete paperless, but we will cut down on the actual papers we use considerably,” Brown said.

Eventually people will be able to go on-line to gain access to incident reports rather than have to go to the police department. However, this will not be implemented until some time next year.

Brown concluded: “Everyone still trying to learm the system, but they’ve been supplied with good training.”

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