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June 24, 2012 • Local News

A zombie flash mob dances to Michael Jackson’s Thriller during kick-off ceremonies for the Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Fest at the Roswell Civic Center, Saturday morning. Mark Wilson Photo

Participants of the Roswell Cosmic-Con and Film Fest paved a path through the preternatural Saturday, enjoying a hodgepodge of films, TV shows, documentaries, informative panel discussions and the charismatic company of costumed cohorts.

Actresses Iris Braydon and Tasha Tacosa attended the festival dressed as flight attendants to outer space, on hand to perform background dancing for the Los Angeles musical group UFOetry. Braydon, who has appeared on such television shows as “Community” and “Good Luck Charlie,” said the trip represented her first to Roswell, an experience she won’t soon forget.

“It’s nice to be in a small town and see a culture that really does revolve around the existence or non-existence of UFOs and aliens,” Braydon said. “Roswell has always intrigued me; I’ve always been curious! There’s such an intrigue to what the local experience is, having spent most of their lives where there’s such an association with otherworldly events.”

Bill Mumy, best known for his role on the television series “Lost in Space,” also made his first trip to Roswell for the festival, and said he has always been intrigued with that famous day in 1947. “I sure wish I could go into a time machine and delve deeper into that subject that has put you guys on the map because I’m fascinated by it. I’ve studied a lot about the incident here; I’ve always been interested in Sci-Fi in general, and where human beings come from and our Login to read more

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