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June 22, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to give a pat on the back to the city of Roswell for the hard work of the city employees in improving Roswell. I have been in Roswell for most of my life and remember when the city looked pretty rough. Now driving down Main Street it looks very nice. Louis Najar and John Miscavage have been instrumental in a lot of this. The new streets are very nice and have better drainage and our water [auth] department constantly battles old mainline pipes and manages to provide great service.

Now when riding around town with someone from out of town, I always hear what a nice town we have. There is always room for improvement in everybody and everything, but I would like to say thanks to the city for the vast improvements over the past 20 years. Charlie Purcell, building inspector, has a lot to do with it also. I know not everyone likes code enforcement, but it has brought the city up to speed with safer standards and is much easier to look at. The medians look very nice landscaped and make a big impression on Roswell newcomers.

The south side of Roswell is looking much better also. I would like to commend Spencer Fields on his work for the city at the air base and surrounding area. I believe the south side is a perfect opportunity for industrial companies looking for a great place to live and work. I believe we should keep our grass mowed and keep our properties looking nice. It does involve some elbow grease, but whatever is worthwhile does involve elbow grease. Besides, it helps attract businesses and that, in turn, lifts everyone’s standard of living. Thanks to the hard work of the employees of the city of Roswell, men and women, I am proud of the way our town looks.

Kyle Ramage


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