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June 21, 2012 • Public Record

Marriage Licenses

June 15

Edward Ray Renteria, 22, and Samantha Lane Cole, 21, both of Lubbock.

Narcie J. Soares, 31, and Chelsea B. Villeneuve, 19, both of Roswell.

Roman L. Sanchez, 28, and Allison V. Gustamantes, 30, both of Roswell.

June 18

Pablo C. Altamirano, 25, and Melissa Zapata, 23, both of Roswell.

Carlos Antonio Ramirez, 71, and Maria C. Garcia De Ramirez, 62, both of Roswell.

June 19

Ivande Jesus Chavarria-Ortega, 28, of Clovis, and Marely Castro-Baca, 21, of Roswell.

Brent N. Nichols, 36, and Monica S. McDaniel, 45, both of Roswell.

Municipal Court

June 14

Judge Larry Loy


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