Jo Hicks: Paralegal, thrift shop junkie, 4th gen Roswellite

June 16, 2012 • Local News

Jo Hicks

Jo Hicks has been working as a paralegal most of her adult life with a job to help low-income families and the elderly. She can give legal advice and assistance, act as an advocate and negotiate for the client. As a paralegal at New Mexico Legal Aid, Jo provides her services to those who would otherwise not be able to afford them. She refers to herself as bleeding heart liberal. “As a single mother of three, I certainly know what it is like to be poor.”

Her goal is to make sure that all the people who walk through the door are treated with dignity and respect. The people who come in to the Roswell office are desperate, don’t understand the law, and by the time they are referred to her, they are angry. “You can understand their frustation. It’s amazing what people don’t know. You can never forget that — what it’s like not to understand the legal system,” Jo said.

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