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June 15, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Roswell Girls Softball Association (RGSA), we would like to publicly thank Mayor Del Jurney and the Roswell Parks and Recreation Department for allowing the Queen of the Mountain Softball Tournament to complete its tournament in Roswell this past weekend.

It was originally being played in Ruidoso, [auth] but because of the fire danger it needed to relocate in a hurry. Roswell was the closest city and the season had just ended so the fields were still in good shape. The mayor allowed us to open the fields to accommodate the tournament, in spite of the reluctancy of Councilor Juan Oropesa who did not want the tournament to continue.

The mayor was called out from his busy schedule on Saturday to make the final decision. Some of the teams did decide to return home, but the remaining 11 teams and coaches were anxious to continue tournament play. The Roswell Girls Softball Association did not make any money on this tournament; RGSA president Chris Martinez said his main objective was to allow the girls to play the sport that they loved to play. “We did it for the girls.”

On behalf of RGSA families,

Tammy Moffitt


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