Liquor license approved by CC

June 15, 2012 • Local News

The City Council gave its 7-3 approval to a request for a liquor license, to include wine and beer only, for Mi Cabana restaurant, 1622 S. Main St. The owner of Mi Cabana noted that the license would help his business, as many of his customers have asked if he sold alcohol. No one spoke against the request for the license.

The council made a motion to send a request for bid for a half ton pickup truck [auth] back to the Roswell Parks and Recreation Department staff asking them to rebid the pickup. Councilor Steve Henderson, chairman of the Finance Committee, requested that the bid be separated from the other bid recommendations to allow for discussion.

“I just felt like in Roswell, New Mexico, a half ton pick-up we should have more than one bidder. In talking with staff they indicated that the specifications really identify a Toyota pickup. If we’re going to spec it so close that only Toyota can bid on it, then in my view we need more than one Toyota dealer bidding for the pickup,” Henderson said.

The recommendation from the Parks Department, as it stands now, is that the bid be awarded to Roswell Toyota for $29,000. The department received just one bid for the pickup, which select councilors and City Clerk Dave Kunko attributed to stringent specifications. These specifications in turn did not encourage competition. The council stipulated in their motion that either the department broaden their specs or allow for other bidders if a Toyota pickup is required.

In other business, the councilors unanimously approved Lodger’s Tax Funding requests for three separate events. The Rio Pecos Kennel Club Dog Show will receive $2,200 in funding and $2,500 was alloted for the third Annual Jesse Andrus & Mike Hillman Memorial Bull Riding and Rotary Desert Sun Golf Classic, respectively.

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