At 98, the Rev. Eric King continues his lifetime of service

June 9, 2012 • Local News

The Rev. Eric King

As a young boy, Eric King sat down to dinner anticipating a ritual questioning by his father. “He would ask me, well, a test of whether I was listening or not. I usually passed. I knew as we sat down to the dinner table that he was going to ask me about the church service, how it affected me,” King said. Now at the ripe age of 98, the Rev. King, who was influenced by his father and grandfather, lay speakers before him, has 75 years of ministry service to show for himself.

King was born on Jan. 13 in Deer Harbour, a small village on the coastline of Newfoundland, Canada, where his family earned its living from the soil. His family seldom went to the store, as they produced what they needed themselves.

A strong religious influence was bestowed upon King long before he learned to walk or talk. As a baby, he was carried in his mother’s arms to his family’s pew at their parish. “I always would look at my mother, who sat next to me. I could see the angelic look on her face as she prayed and as she listened to the sermon. My father, more or less, had the same aspect on his face. It kind of rubbed off on me,” he said.

At that time, King’s favorite stories of the Bible were those of the creation, of David and of Noah and his ark. “I learned that God was more or less in charge of life. He could destroy us again if we didn’t behave ourselves,” he said.

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