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June 8, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

When an elderly parent needs care, there is so much that needs to be done. My father, Loyd Green (Dadsy), recently passed away, just two days shy of 100 years, and so many people and wonderful community services need to be thanked.

Many times it was just a simple kind word spoken or a kind deed done to make my father’s day seem less dull. He loved to visit with people, and many folks went out of their way to make him laugh, make him enjoy his days, and finally, to make his last days as comfortable as they could. He appreciated all who showed that he mattered to them. I [auth] would especially like to thank Casa Maria’s staff who took very good care of him, showed him kindness and compassion, and were very gentle with him. The physical therapists at Casa Maria were so patient with him, and he loved singing and reciting poems to you.

Don and Linda from Advanced Home Health, thank you for your care. He always laughed with you and looked forward to your visits, and he appreciated you putting his braces on him — as he said, “They are like putting socks on a rooster!”

I would also like to thank Dr. Steve Muhr for his excellent medical care not only for my father, but for my mother as well. You and Olga provide care with Christian hearts as well as with modern medical knowledge. Thanks also to the Whataburger morning crew, who sent Dadsy his breakfast every morning with a little note of encouragement written with it just for him.

He always looked forward to seeing the note and his biscuits and gravy! Tim and Cheryl Wafful, and Mark and Dusty Lewis, thank you for always being there for Dadsy with help and a smile. Tom Dunlap and Tom Wadsworth, Dadsy had a very special place in his heart for all the time you spent reading and singing with him and just taking time to be with him. Beth at Polishing Post, he always looked forward to your care and the poems you recited! Rudy and Sharon Hunter, thanks for all your visits with Dadsy, your encouragement and your prayers.

Finally, VistaCare hospice services were excellent and I want to thank our friend Oretta Graves for telling us about how wonderful hospice care can be in times like these.

There are so many more people I could name, but just know you are all in my heart. I will always remember those who went the extra mile to make my father comfortable and cared for during a most difficult time for him.

Jackie Waggoner


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