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June 4, 2012 • Local Business Review

Dennis Carr corrects a rough-running engine problem. Carr Automotive, located at 316 East McGaffey Street, offers complete vehicle repair service, including tune ups; heating system and air conditioning service; engine repairs; complete engine overhauls; brake jobs; electrical systems; you need it, they probably can do it. Phone 622-0909 for more information. Dennis and Joe do all the repairs at Carr Automotive, so you know who is working on your vehicle, from repairs to tune-ups. Carr Automotive is the place to get your vehicle repaired right the first time. Estimates are given before any work is performed on your vehicle.

Carr Automotive  Inc., 316 East McGaffey Street, is the place to get your vehicle repaired right the first time. The shop is family owned and operated. Brothers Joe and Dennis Carr handle all the repairs.

Carr Automotive has been taking care of Roswell area resident’s automobiles and vehicles for the past twenty-nine years, operating until the first of 1994 as Carr Alternator Service, when their late [auth] dad (Dale) decided to change the name of the business to better reflect the range of services they provide.

“We provide complete automotive repair services,” Dennis and Joe say.

Among the many services that Carr Automotive can provide are:

• Heating system and air conditioning service;

• Engine diagnosis;

• Engine repairs;

• Engine tune-ups;

• Fuel injection and carburetion;

• Brake jobs;

• Clutches;

• Electrical systems;

• they also build custom length battery cables; and

• they carry and install Interstate batteries.

The premium-quality Interstate Battery is priced right and has a nationwide warranty.

Dennis and Joe also rebuild starters, alternators and generators, not only for automobiles, but also for tractors and heavy-duty trucks.

Customers have come to expect having their vehicles repaired as soon as possible at Carr Automotive. They know you need your vehicle and will try to get it back on the road in a timely manner for you.

Carr Automotive has the reputation of doing the job right the first time, so they rarely see customers coming back with the same problem. “We try to make them happy and to keep them happy,” Dennis says.

Rates charged at Carr Automotive are based on the Chilton Guide, the professional standard for the auto repair business. Estimates are given before any work is performed on your vehicle.

Be prepared

Whether it is hot or cold, your engine and cooling system need to work perfectly in order to keep your vehicle running properly.

Carr Automotive can check your hoses, flush your radiator and put in the proper amount of antifreeze to protect it from overheating this summer and from freezing next winter, damaging the cooling system. (Modern engines also use antifreeze as a coolant when the weather is hot.)

Batteries are more likely to fail when the weather gets really cold or real hot. Avoid potential trouble by having your vehicle’s battery tested, belts and hoses checked and the engine tuned.

In the family…..

Dennis and Joe Carr apparently inherited both their dad’s and their grandfather’s knack for fixing vehicles.

Their grandfather (George L. Carr) worked for Caterpillar Tractor Co., and their mom’s father (Herman DuBoise) worked in the service department of a Ford dealership in Peoria, Illinois.

At most shops, mechanics come and go, so you are never sure who will be working on your vehicle – or how much experience they have. But at Carr Auto-motive, Dennis and Joe Carr take care of all the repairs. You know exactly who you are dealing with.

Carr Automotive, Inc., is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Stop by 316 East Mc-Gaffey Street and let Joe or Dennis Carr solve your automotive problems.

Carr Automotive’s phone number is 622-0909.

Emergency numbers are 623-9751 and 625-9007.

You depend on your transportation, and you can depend on Carr Automotive to keep you rolling.

You can depend on Carr Automotive – because they value their reputation.

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