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June 2, 2012 • Entertainment

In this May 7, 2012 file photo, chef Grant Achatz poses after his “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America” induction during the James Beard Foundation Awards, in New York. At Alinea, the Chicago temple of theatrical molecular gastronomy, chef Grant Achatz has contemplated having servers choreograph their motions to the music of a live cellist. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Walk into any Sweetgreen restaurant and alongside your locally grown mesclun topped with organic dressing you’re likely to get a helping of Hot Chip — the band, not the food.

“Music for us is part of our DNA,” says Jonathan Neman, the 27-year-old co-founder of the Washington restaurant chain. In fact, he and his two partners care so much about the music that plays in their dozen locations, they personally crafted the playlists, creating eclectic blends that run from The Cure to today’s British indie Blood Orange.

“When you’re dining the food is important, the smell is important, the way it looks is important. And what you’re listening to is important,” he said.

Until recently, many restaurants were content to turn on the radio or let the manager fire up his iPod. But for a growing number of foodies and restaurateurs, what’s on the playlist is almost as important as what’s on the menu.

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