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June 2, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

The Roswell Honor Guard does a tremendous job honoring deceased veterans. This is at no cost to the families of veterans for the Honor Guard to pay tribute to the deceased veteran. Some people think because there is not a graveside service that the Honor Guard will not perform this ceremony. This is not true. I know that the Commander John Taylor and the Honor Guard are more than willing to perform at any veteran’s services whether it be a memorial or a graveside service. Please take advantage of this opportunity for the Honor Guard to give your veteran the respect that he or she so deserves for their service to our country.

Pansy Moffitt


Support for candidate

Dear Editor:

I write to make an observation on our local Republican primary for district attorney. Janetta Hicks of Roswell has done a remarkable job as our district attorney. Her conviction rate is stellar and she has achieved this at the same time the recession subjected her office to substantial budget cuts. In other words, she is convicting those who commit crime with less money than has historically been available to the district attorney.

I have noticed several letters to the editor from supporters of her Carlsbad-based opponent attacking Janetta Hicks because police officers are prosecuting some misdemeanors in this district. I take issue with the opinion that our well-trained, hard-working officers are not qualified to [auth] prosecute certain matters. I commend them for rising to the occasion during these lean financial times and for prosecuting those who commit crimes in our county.

Janetta’s opponent has made the politician’s promise that she would not allow our local officers to prosecute cases in court. Unfortunately, she has not explained how she will pay for the additional attorneys necessary to take on this task. Nor has she appeared to consider the drastic consequences that could arise if attorney time is diverted from serious felony cases to the prosecution of petty misdemeanors.

I have been an observer and participant of the Chaves County justice system for many years. In my opinion, Janetta Hicks is one of the best district attorneys to have held the office. On Election Day, I will cast my ballot for Janetta Hicks. I hope you will as well.

Chuck Coll


Getting to there from here

Dear Editor:

How do you get to Albuquerque from Roswell by commercial transportation?

Recently we went on on an Amtrak vacation and puzzled over getting to Albuquerque to catch the train.

You can do it by air but it takes nine hours with two-hour layovers in both Dallas and Denver. And it costs over $600 per person.

The bus is out of the question. Two buses a day leave Roswell for Albuquerque. One leaves around noon and takes over eight hours and the other leaves around midafternoon and takes almost 10 hours. In each case you have to change buses in either Amarillo or Las Cruces and you get to Albuquerque around midnight. That means you need a hotel room to stay in before you catch your train or flight.

The bus fare for two seniors is over $100.

Consider renting a car for a one-way drop off. You drive to Albuquerque in half the time on your own schedule and the cost is less than $100 dollars.

At least one car rental agency at the airport rents cars for one-way trips to Albuquerque.

Noel Sivertson


Pandering to voters

Dear Editor:

How far do bumper sticker slogans go in an election? I guess we’ll know next Tuesday, June 5, primary election day in New Mexico.

One candidate for district attorney, Janet Ellis, has stuck to the real issues (Ellis supports the police, is critical of the office’s high staff turnover, changing the current policy of making police prosecute misdemeanors in court, keeping police on the street to protect citizens) and been critical of the way incumbent Janetta Hicks has operated the DA’s office in the 5th Judicial District.

Ms. Hicks, on the other hand, has avoided discussing her stewardship of the office and has taken the sloganeering approach, telling Republicans what she thinks they want to hear.

Does this sound familiar? It should, because this is precisely how President Barack Obama has chosen to campaign against Republican opponent Mitt Romney this year.

The rationale is: Poll the voters, then tell them what they want to hear. Ms. Hicks has desperately dusted off some old standbys — gay marriage, gun ownership and so on. I guess she (like Obama) figures that if you can get voters talking about these issues, they won’t take a look at her record.

Responsible primary voters are informed voters, who should not be fooled by a sloganeering politician with an unimpressive record.
Larry Connolly


Field days a success

Dear Editor:

During the last week of school our PTO sponsored, planned, and organized two field days for more than 500 kids from Del Norte Elementary School.

Countless hours and energy were involved in preplanning this event. Schedules were reworked numerous times. These events were held at New Mexico Military Institute’s Godfrey Athletic Center. The PTO officers arranged for volunteers, facilities and NMMI personnel. They planned for lunch from the RISD cafeteria, provided lifeguards, and transportation through Hamil Bus Co., and paid for it all!

The environment was safe, communication was sound and everyone had a blast. Thank you to Del Norte PTO, NMMI Godfrey employees, Del Norte parents and volunteers, RISD cafeteria, Hamil Bus. In 32 years of education, this is the best operation of this nature I have witnessed!

Thank you.

Curt Tarter


Del Norte Elementary School

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