June 2, 2012 • Editorial

Hamill for state Senate (Republican)

The common theme in the race between farmer Cliff Pirtle and Roswell Fire Chief Chad Hamill is the belief that it’s time for some new blood in the seat held by Democrat Tim Jennings for more than three decades.

While Pirtle and Hamill have avoided attacking Jennings’ performance and abilities, they’ve made it clear they believe a fresh perspective would benefit the district. They also share many of the same political views. Both support small business, improving the school system and either of them would well represent the interest of rural residents.

As their platforms are so similar, selecting one of these candidates comes down to a general perception of their abilities and personalities.

From what we’ve seen and heard from others we lean toward Hamill as being the more qualified of these two men.

The Daily Record endorses Chad Hamill in the Republican contest for state Senate, District 32.

Kintigh and Wooley for state House (Republican)

[auth] In several of our endorsements for Tuesday’s primary election we’ve stated that both candidates would be an excellent selection for the office. That’s true in this race, but it also includes a cruel twist of fate that’s prompted colleagues to compete against each other.

Given that Dennis Kintigh and Bob Wooley are both current members of the state House of Representatives representing southeastern New Mexico, it’s unfortunate they are now faced with a political version of musical chairs. In the wake of redistricting House boundaries following the 2010 Census, Kintigh and Wooley now find themselves residing in the same district.

This means that not only is our region losing a seat in the House, but we’re going to lose some valuable experience as these two incumbents vie for the remaining seat.

The only consolation in this unfortunate turn of events is that Kintigh and Wooley are both excellent public servants who will do what is right for our region and the state as a whole.

The Daily Record endorses both Dennis Kintigh and Bob Wooley in the Republican contest for state House of Representatives, District 66.

Riley for District Judge (Republican)

This contest for a seat in the Carlsbad court pits Lisa Riley against Les Williams. Prior to the campaign we hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting these individuals, but we’re grateful for the opportunity as we were impressed by both of them.

Riley was appointed to the position by Gov. Susana Martinez in August 2011. Prior to that, she had 19 years of experience practicing law. Most of her experience was with a law firm, but four of those years were spent as a prosecutor for Municipal Court in Artesia.

Williams has 27 years of experience as a prosecutor, served as a Judge Advocate General officer in the Navy and five years of private practice as an attorney.

It’s unfortunate that two such highly qualified individuals can’t both serve on the bench. To our thinking, what gives Riley the edge is her appointment to the bench. In some ways having a judge appointed is a more reliable method than an election. To be elected judge, a candidate has to make a good impression on voters. To be appointed, the judge has to be nominated by local leaders and then be thoroughly checked out by members of the governor’s staff.

Given that Martinez’s background is in law, she’s well qualified to recognize the traits important for making a good judge.

Again, both candidates have excellent credentials for this spot. We’re grateful to have two such people looking to serve the public.

The Daily Record endorses Lisa Riley in the Republican contest for district judge, 5th District, Division 9.

No endorsement for N.M. Court of Appeals (Democrat)

M. Monica Zamora and Victor Lopez are both well qualified for this position, however we lack sufficient knowledge of these candidates to make an informed endorsement.

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