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June 1, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

I am writing [auth] this letter in response to Rhoda Coakley’s letter of endorsement for Stephanie Amaro published in the May 18, 2012, Roswell Daily Record. I have to take issue with Mrs. Coakley’s attempt to discredit Mrs. Amaro’s opponent, Dave Kunko, by insinuating that he is “retiring from another government position” and will “be double-dipping on the public payroll.”

It should be known that Mr. Kunko is not currently eligible for retirement.

Mrs. Coakley also would imply that double-dipping is such a corrupt practice as to deem anyone who does so unworthy of holding public office. I find this interesting since she herself retired from Chaves County in 2003 and started collecting both a Public Employee’s Retirement Association retirement check and her regular salary as Chaves County clerk in 2004. This means that Mrs. Coakley has been “double-dipping on the public payroll” for eight years. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I hope the public will base their vote on the qualifications of the candidate and not misinformation and urgings from someone with yet another hidden agenda.


Jim Messick


County clerk race

Dear Editor:

I read the letters about the county clerk’s race and have this to say: the most important issue for county clerks in New Mexico is the integrity of our elections — fighting against voter fraud. That is why I strongly support Stephanie De Los Santos Amaro. Stephanie is the one candidate who has made voter fraud, Voter ID and the protection of our vote the central theme of her positive campaign. She has taken a strong stand on these issues, and she has supported our new Republican secretary of state, Dianna Duran, in her efforts to change the culture surrounding elections in New Mexico. I believe fair and honest elections are the cornerstone of our American freedom.

County clerks, as our local supervisors of elections, play important roles in ensuring that our votes count, count only once, and are tabulated correctly. In 2010, we had a County Commission election decided by one vote, 1,004 to 1,003. The current chief of the bureau of elections, Stephanie De Los Santos Amaro, was the key official in ensuring that those votes were correctly recorded and that the recount withstood the strict scrutiny of the court. She did a superb job in all respects, earning kudos from all over New Mexico.

Stephanie is homegrown, she and her husband have made Roswell their home to raise a family and seek their careers, and she reflects the values instilled in her by her parents and upbringing. While Stephanie has never run for office before, her qualifications and demonstrated competence for this particular office stands above the field.

I was somewhat taken aback when a former county commissioner, Mr. Hobson, decided to weigh in with his letter, trying to use the tricks of the politics of personal destruction to launch a sideways attack on Stephanie. Mr. Hobson refers to Ronald Reagan and Susana Martinez as examples of party switchers, but Ronald Reagan changed parties years before he ran for office, and Martinez changed a long time before as well. More important, neither of them changed back. Mr. Kunko has been through four different parties and has gone back and forth, depending on the opportunity to run for office. He says in his radio ad that he registered Republican 21 years ago, and that may be true. But he neglects to say that he switched back and forth in the past few years.

Stephanie is a lifelong committed conservative who knows what she supports — Voter ID for example — and has never waivered to see which way the political winds are blowing.

Stephanie’s ability, dedication and values represent the future of Chaves County. And yes, it doesn’t hurt that she’s an active Republican, unanimously elected, repeatedly through the years, as a delegate to our county and state conventions. She is a supporter of Governor Martinez, Dianna Duran and Steve Pearce and our party’s efforts to elect qualified hard working public servants.

Finally, I must thank County Clerk Rhoda Goodloe Coakley for over 30 years of public service. She has served all the citizens of our community with honesty and integrity. She led by example and offered a warm welcome to every visitor. I wish we had more elected office holders with her dedication and common sense.

Stephanie De Los Santos Amaro has my vote and holds the promise to continue the tradition of honesty and integrity for a growing Chaves County.
Yours very truly,

Phelps Anderson


Gas prices

Dear Editor:

The Republicans blamed President Obama when gas prices went way up. They said it was all his fault. Now that prices have come down, will they give him credit for that?

John Ford


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