June 1, 2012 • Editorial

Corn for County Commission (Republican)

If ever there was an example of how candidates should behave during a campaign, it would be the contest between Robert Corn and Mike Kakuska.

These men have stuck to promoting their qualifications rather than engaging in the mudslinging which is all too common in elections.

We’ve known these gentlemen for years and applaud their years of public service not only in their professions but through community programs as well. Chaves County would be well served by either of these individuals. Corn served 15 years as a Magistrate Court judge and eight years in the New Mexico House of Representatives. Kakuska has [auth] been an invaluable leader in the Roswell Independent School District for years.

Voters can’t go wrong by supporting either candidate here, but after weighing their credentials, we believe Corn has the background to best serve our county.

The Daily Record endorses Robert Corn in the Republican contest for Chaves County Commission, District 4.

Kunko for County Clerk

There are a few government positions which require candidates to compete in partisan elections despite the fact that political leanings will have almost no bearing on how a person’s duties will be performed. The county clerk’s position is one of these cases. This race is all about job knowledge.

We’re not sure how it started, but there have been some shots fired back and forth from the candidates’ supporters in the competition between Republicans Dave Kunko and Stephanie De Los Santos Amaro. We remark on the scuffling only to note that these attacks should not be the focus of this race.

The question here is who would do a better job as Chaves County clerk. We are not familiar with De Los Santos Amaro, but we have been told by people we hold in high regard she is well qualified for the job. However, we believe Kunko has stronger credentials for this position.

We’ve routinely interacted with Kunko during his time as chief deputy clerk for the county, as county clerk and most recently as Roswell’s city clerk. During all his years of service, we have been consistently impressed with his knowledge of all the aspects of his responsibilities. He has been a wealth of information regarding elections, records and many other areas.

Both candidates in this race would be a solid selection for the spot, but when it comes to picking the best choice, we believe Kunko’s experience and knowledge is superior.

The Daily Record endorses Dave Kunko in the Republican contest for Chaves County clerk.

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