Lawrence Bros. IGA raises $1,500 for area Red Cross

May 30, 2012 • Local News

Lawrence Brothers IGA supermarkets in Roswell and Ruidoso combined to raise $1,500 for the American Red Cross through sales of $1 Champions Squares from April 25 to May 12. The funds, presented to local Red Cross representatives in a check Tuesday, will be used for disaster relief in Chaves and Lincoln counties.

During the program, IGA customers were asked upon checkout if they would like to support the Red Cross, and received a square card to sign after donation.

Red Cross community relations manager Aline Carr said IGA customers who received Champions Squares were encouraged to display them in various places like [auth] their car windows, helping to raise awareness for the cause. She said the funds will provide a nice boost to the organization’s local emergency assistance capabilities.

“It’s incredibly meaningful to us. We really love that Lawrence Brothers supported us this way, and supports their community so much,” Carr said. “Their cashiers did a wonderful job. …

“We respond to all natural disasters. That includes single family house fires, and that’s mostly what we do here in this area. We provide emergency assistance, including lodging, clothing, food, infant supplies — whatever they need to get them over the hump until they can find a new place to live.”

Blake Meek, IGA store director in Roswell, said the money raised at the stores exceeded IGA’s expectations by $500.

“It was really well-received. We can’t say enough for the Roswell community,” Meek said. “We were just an instrument to help get this done, and privileged to be a part of it. …

“I think Roswell and Ruidoso are just giving communities, with giving people — they have big hearts for people in need, and I think that’s the thing: It’s about giving to people who need it.”

Meek said the impact Red Cross has on a community is immeasurable, and will often go unnoticed.

“Red Cross is so huge to every community. You just don’t know when you’re going to need them, whether it’s a big fire for a family or there’s a catastrophe. … There are so many different things that they do. Sometimes (it’s) a quiet impact; there’s people that they help, and you don’t realize who they help. And they do a great job. …

“We try to do as much as we possibly can, and I wish we could do more. Without this community, there is no us.”

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