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May 27, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

I’d like to respond to Randle Easley’s letter. In regards to home foreclosures; our liberal government forced banks to give loans to people who couldn’t possibly afford to purchase [auth] the houses they desired. I’m sorry, I don’t have compassion for greedy, stupid people who buy things they can’t afford. I do have empathy for the millions of homeowners who have lost their homes because of job losses, due again to the liberal left, and their lack of knowledge on how to create jobs and keep businesses intact.

Who do you think pays for Planned Parenthood, Mr. Easley? It’s the public taxpayers. I manage to scrape the money I earn, from working three jobs, to pay for my own breast and cervical screenings. If you can’t afford to have children and feed them, don’t have them. Don’t expect me to pay for your birth control. There are women who are purposely having one child after another to collect money from the government. Here’s a novel idea — get a job, quit expecting the government ot take care of you from the cradle to the grave, that’s called socialism.

Our government is broke, too many free programs to a lot of lazy irresponsible people.

As far as the auto industry, as with any business, if you make poor business decisions you deserve to go bankrupt. It’s not the government’s responsibility to bail you out.

What has happened to “suffer the consequences of your actions?”

What has happened to what our country was founded on, hard work, perseverance, personal responsibility? Our government is out of control; spend, spend, spend. It’s all political, let’s be honest, the more people on the government dole, the more votes the liberal left hope to receive.

I’m so sick of Obama espousing the word “fair.” I learned a long time ago, you work for what you receive and nothing in life is fair.

Obama is trying to create envy and class war for those who have more than others.

I’m a fan of anyone who knows how to successfully run a business and create jobs, and the guy in the White House has proven he doesn’t have that knowledge.

I don’t believe Mitt Romney could do worse. Pray for our country, it’s a great nation, and will continue to be under the right guidance.


Carol Robertson


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