Owen Alsup goes 6-for-6, thrice; takes nat’l Euclidean Division

May 27, 2012 • Local News

Owen Alsup shows off his Continental Math League certificates and medal, Wednesday. Noah Vernau Photo

Fifteen area elementary students were recognized for their accomplishments in the Continental Math League, a nationwide mathematics problem-solving competition. Gifted students from each of the 12 elementary schools in the Roswell Independent School District participated in the competition, which presented students with the challenge of solving six math problems in 30 minutes at various meets held throughout the school year.

The students competed with others at their grade level or above in their own school, and against other schools across the nation.

Berrendo Elementary student Owen Alsup received national recognition for the Euclidean Division grade three, going a perfect six-for-six at each of his three [auth] meets.

“When they told me about (the award) I was really surprised,” Owen said. “… When I won at the school, I was happy. And then when I won district, I was happy. But when I won the whole country, that was like crazy. I thought it was crazy!

“I’ve always liked math; it’s always been my favorite subject. It’s just easier for me. I like reading, too, but math is easier than language arts and writing and all that, I think. … I’m really good at adding and subtracting; I just know all about numbers and stuff.”

Nola Miller, K-3 gifted program instructor at Berrendo Elementary, said students are allowed to use any kind of problem-solving strategies they can think of during competitions. She said the competitions help students to not only apply what they have been learning at school, but also to work together to see how each student came up with an answer.

“We feel like Continental Math provides the type of challenges that our gifted students need,” Miller said. “In our classrooms, they are challenged, but this presents a different kind of challenge than they normally see.

“The part I enjoy the most is that at the end of the competition, students get to share the strategies that they’ve used and show how they’ve done it, and it’s just so neat to (see). …

“I feel that’s one of the ways they get better. They learn which of those strategies is most efficient, and they continue to use those, hopefully, in their daily lives.”

Second-grade winners of the Continental Math League were Rylee Shackelford, first place, Berrendo; Brooklyn Aerrola, second place, Berrendo; Zoey Stewart, third place, East Grand Plains; and Devan Charboneau, third place, Berrendo.

Third-grade winners were Owen Alsup, first place, Berrendo; Cole Borner, second place, Berrendo; Jaymon Cherinko, second place, Valley View; Kate McDonald, third place, Berrendo.

Fourth-grade winners were Brandi Richardson, first place, EGP; Domenic Macaluso, second place, Pecos Elementary; and Kaleigh Chappell, third place, Military Heights.

Fifth-grade winners were Mikaela Belle, first place, Valley View; Yadira Landaverde, second place, EGP; Jimmie Angelos, third place, Military Heights; and Wyatt Arlet, third place, El Capitan.

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