2011 Sci-Fi Film Fest earns Roswell TIARA

May 18, 2012 • Local News

Roswell was recognized for excellence in the New Mexico tourism industry Wednesday, capturing New Event of the Year at the 2012 Tourism Association of New Mexico TIARA Awards. The city received the award for the 2011 Roswell International Sci-Fi Film Festival: Aliens in Cinema, [auth] which was singled out for creative accomplishments, travel marketing and promotion.

City of Roswell Marketing Director Renee Roach said the event was an overwhelming success, attracting film buffs from all over the world.
“What I really think was the hook was that we did such a great job capitalizing on film tourism, which is a relatively new concept to a lot of destinations,” Roach said. “And I think we’re learning more and more about what that can bring to the economy.

“What also really played a big role is we filled up so many hotels during that period, so we really added to the Lodger’s Tax revenue.”

Roach said that aside from recognition the city received as a tourism destination, the TIARA award will also help to promote the area as a prime location for filmmakers.

“We can really showcase all of our attractions, and everything that Roswell has to offer, with hospitality, and hopefully get them to invest in Roswell, with their businesses or their films,” she said. “We know that when a film is produced here, they stay in our hotels, they eat at our restaurants, they shop at our retail outlets, and they leave it a better place than when they first came. So they really boost our economic viability. And that’s what we really hope to gain from this (year’s) event.”

This year’s event has been rebranded as Roswell Comic Convention and Film Fest, coordinated by Phil Kim of Famous Monsters of Filmland. The event will be held June 22-24, and will feature more activities than last year’s film festival, including a comic convention, vendor exhibition, and a Masquerade Ball at Spring River Park & Zoo.

“We’re really excited to bring this element to it,” Roach said. “When you talk about science fiction, bringing in these artists can really broaden the scope of what the event can offer and bring in even more visitors than anticipated.”

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