DAs replace VINE with NMSAVIN

May 16, 2012 • Local News

NMSAVIN, or New Mexico State Automated Information Network, was launched Monday. SAVIN replaces the old contracted VINE system. “This system offers significant savings, in excess of $500,000 annually statewide. The VINE service is an excellent system but very expensive. By creating our own in-house system, we can do it cheaper [auth] and don’t have to pay ongoing annual fees,” said District Attorney Janetta Hicks.

The SAVIN system is a joint effort between the administrative offices of the District Attorneys and the District Attorneys Association. Hicks has been a part of planning and implementation of SAVIN from the start. “We’ve been working on NMSAVIN for about a year,” she said.

The system was designed to be user-friendly and there’s even an instruction guide on YouTube.

“It’s a free service. You can register at nmsavin. com, or if you’re a victim of crime, you can contact a victim advocate in the DA’s office who will register you,” Hicks said.

SAVIN will notify victims of changes in court dates while the Chaves County Detention Center will continue to notify victims of crime about impending releases. The information and notification of change in court dates are also sent to law enforcement. “… law enforcement are registered and receive notifications of all court settings for all cases they are involved with. We register them. They don’t have to do anything,” said Hicks.

“It works very simply. You can register or use the system without registering. The advantage to registering is that you can go back and update your contact information to keep it current. To use the system, you search for the case and then click to get email, text or telephone notifications of all court settings,” she said.

“Unlike the old VINE system, SAVIN includes property crimes. … NMSAVIN is for all victims of crime. Every case we prosecute. We anticipate that it will be constantly evolving. Im-provements and service additions are already in the works. One step at a time,” she concluded.

For more information about registering on NMSAVIN website, watch the Getting Started Part 1 at ?v=BrjDfg1oETA and Part 2 at watch?v=HpwxECc63D4

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