Rep. Ezzell to seek re-election

May 15, 2012 • Local News

A fifth-generation New Mexican, Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell, R-Roswell, a rancher and an advocate of agricultural issues, says she is seeking re-election to her House District 58 seat. She has served as a state House representative since 2005.

Ezzell called for controlling and downsizing government, both municipally and statewide, so as not to infringe on individuals’ everyday lives. She said the state’s current regulations are too strict. “Business owners can’t even take care of business because of all the rules and regulations, forms, paperwork and everything else that goes along with it,” Ezzell said. She listed the EPA as a proponent of this type of overregulation. “I want clean air and clean water just like everybody else does, but they’re going a little bit overboard especially in the economic times that we’ve been having,” Ezzell said. She cited, as example, a Login to read more

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