Casa Maria and mayor kick off National Nursing Home Week

May 15, 2012 • Local News

Casa Maria Health Care Center celebrates National Nursing Home Week. From left: Director of Nursing Rebecca Thompson Ramirez, Mayor Del Jurney and Administrator Dan Barber.

Mayor Del Jurney went to Casa Maria Health Care Center to issue a proclamation for the kick off of National Nursing Home Week, Monday.

“We salute our citizens who planted the seeds that made our community possible,” Jurney said. He [auth] gave residents and staff who gathered to hear his remarks his personal thanks for their contributions to Roswell.

After the proclamation, the residents and visitors were treated to ice cream sundaes.

Administrator Dan Barber said there were a lot of great things planned for the week, including a Western Day, a Hawaiian Day, and a Creative Day where residents can do face painting or design their own T-shirts. They will bring in local talent for entertainment, such as the Rac-a-Tap dancers and the Sweet Leilanis

The 111-bed facility is in the process of being remodelled. Barber said, “We want the community to know that we are trying to improve the life (of) our residents.”

After remodelling is completed, Barber plans to hold an open house. He said he has been working with Chaves County to expand their parking area and provide an open path to the county building in order to facilitate resident voting.

Activities director Julia Matta said they will hold their second annual dog show where family and staff will bring canine candidates. “We will roll out the red carpet. It will be a whole lot of fun,” she said.

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