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May 10, 2012 • Local Business Review

Harold “Hugo” Killgo has specialized in brake and front-end work for fifty-two years. Killgo’s Brake and Alinement, 1508 West Second St., is the place to go for brake and front-end work, on a new vehicle or on a classic like this beautiful 1968 Impala. Phone 623-7009 for expert service.


Did you ever hear of a “one-man band?” Well, Harold “Hugo” Killgo, owner of Killgo’s Brake and Alinement, 1508 West Second Street, is a one-man front-end and brake specialist. Harold has been handling brake and front-end work for fifty-two years, since 1960, and can fix any domestic or imported car or truck, including 4-wheel drive vehicles.


You may have noticed that Harold spells “alinement” without the “g”. (Both spellings are correct, according to Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged.) Harold says, “You can get an alinement with a ’g’ anywhere, but you have to come here to get it done right!”

Harold’s dad, D.P. spelled it without the “g” also. D.P. Killgo, who passed away a few years ago in Texas, ran Roswell Brake and Alinement for years, and is perhaps best remembered for the big fake bear in the back of his El Camino pickup during that time. (The bear now resides atop a building on North Main Street.)

Harold handles all types of front-end work, including shocks, struts, tie-rods, ball joints, upper and lower control arm bushings, packing wheel bearings and alinement (or alignment, if you [auth] prefer.) If you’ve ever run into or over a curb, you have probably knocked your front-end out of alinement. You will know it when you take your hands off the steering wheel and the vehicle goes to one side or the other on a flat road; the vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes; or if your tires squeal, even in easy turns.

Any of these three conditions indicate you may need an alinement.

“A car is designed to go straight. When it’s out of alinement, it is pulling against an unnatural weight, so there is more wear on the tires, and you will end up needing front-end parts sooner than normal,” Harold says. Checking and keeping your vehicle in alinement will save you money and lower the possibility of having problems while you are out on the road.

Everyone drives differently, so there is no set schedule for having a vehicle realined, like there is for having the oil changed. “Some drivers will knock a car out of alinement ten minutes after they buy it, while others can go for years without any trouble,” Harold jokes.

So, when you are driving and you hit a slick spot and bounce off the curb, your alinement may be knocked out of adjustment. It is a good idea to have it checked after a mishap, before you ruin a set of tires or wear out your front-end. If you hit a pot hole, you should go in and have Hugo ‘aline’ it for you.

If your vehicle vibrates at high speed the tires may need to be balanced. Harold can handle that, too.

Brake work

Harold can fix any brake problem you might encounter. Whether you only require brake shoes or pads, or need the rotors or drums turned, Harold Killgo is the man to see.

If your brakes squeak or make grinding noises when you step on the pedal, that is usually a good indication that you are experiencing brake problems. But, at times, a noise in the front-end may not be the brakes, but may indicate that Harold needs to pack your wheel bearings. Either way, Harold can, and will, figure out what the problem is – and he will fix it.

Harold recently bought some old equipment, and now can reline oddball brake shoes. So, if you have an old vehicle, and have had trouble finding linings for it, he might be able to fix you up.

Expert service

Harold knows his business, and he “won’t fix what ain’t broke.”

It’s hard to find a mechanic you can trust these days, but Harold depends mainly on repeat business, customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations, so he emphasizes quality and satisfaction.

Harold Killgo specializes in what he does: brakes and front-end work, he doesn’t do oil changes, tune-ups or mufflers.

When you have your car or truck serviced at Killgo’s Brake and Alinement, you can rest assured that the boss is doing the work personally. That’s because Harold works alone in his big metal garage. “At least I don’t have to worry about the help showing up,” he laughs.

Harold insists on using only the best parts, getting them locally for faster service. That, and his experience, assures you of the finest quality work on your vehicle.

Harold will tell you in advance how much your repair will cost. “I’m like everybody else; I don’t like surprises,” he says. Killgo’s prices are competitive, especially for brake jobs. “People call around, then they come here,” he said.

Harold realizes you depend on your vehicle and he will do whatever is required to ‘get you back on the road.’ No matter how busy he is, he will try to fit you in.

If you are looking for a mechanic who knows what he is doing when it comes to brake or front-end repairs, call 623-7009, or stop by Killgo’s Brake and Alinement at 1508 West Second Street.

Harold is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“You’ll feel the difference when you drive.”

Alignment Supply

Harold carries “Everything for the wheel alignment shop.” Killgo’s carries both Ingalls Performance Suspension Components and Specialty Products Company suspension components.

Call 623-4119 for suspension components and wheel weights.

If out of town, call toll-free: 1-800-446-9020.

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