Water line repair may cost $100K

May 4, 2012 • Local News

Repairmen work on a broken water transmission line at the corner of Chisum and Main, Thursday. Mark Wilson Photo

The estimated cost to repair a break affecting a 4-foot section of one of the city’s water lines at the corner of Southeast Main Street and East Chisum Street, is $100,000, according to the city’s Wastewater Manager Art Torrez. City [auth] personnel began working on the break on April 25.

Installed in 1963, the line broke due to deterioration as a result of corrosion. Many of the lines’ valves are not holding, complicating the repair work further.

The line, which runs from Chisum Street to near the Roswell International Air Center, is part of the city’s transmission system, meaning it feeds into other waterlines. To his knowledge, only one business on South Main Street is currently out of service, Torrez said. The break did not affect residences in the area.

Due to the scope of the project, the city has brought in outside contractors to help with the repair. “It’s very dangerous to put people in there with the water leak. We’ve got to get the water controlled,” Torrez said. “There’s a company that can plug the line and turn it off so we can get it repaired. Then we’ll pull the plugs out and get it running again.”

Torrez said he hopes the line will be repaired by next week.

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