Kids, Kows & More at the fairgrounds

May 3, 2012 • Local News

Fourth-grade students from Dexter and Hagerman learn about milk production courtesy of Peach the cow, instructor Cody Lightfoot and The Mobile Dairy Classroom during the Kids & Kows & More program at the fairgrounds, Wednesday morning. Mark Wilson Photo

Fourth-grade students from Hagerman and Dexter elementary schools witnessed agriculture in action on Wednesday at Eastern New Mexico State Fairgrounds, enjoying presentations from various experts during the 12th annual Kids, Kows & More program. The program, sponsored by the Chaves County Cooperative Extension Service and Southwest Dairy Farmers, welcomed about 500 fourth-graders from Roswell schools on Tuesday, and will welcome about 500 more from the city today.

Educational stations provide students a chance to see the intricate processes that result in common agricultural products, including demonstrations and discussion about milk production, cattle Login to read more

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