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April 29, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

The last state house session revealed a lot about our Gov. Susana Martinez. Don’t let that disarming smile fool you, Gov. Martinez is a cold and calculating politico whose style of governing has more to do with personal ambition than doing what’s best for New Mexicans.

Well-funded by Texas money and with close ties to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Susana has brought with her to Santa Fe a prosecutorial and punitive style of governing that tolerates no dissent, not even among members of her own Republican Party.

Lately we have seen far greater challenges to incumbent state House and Senate members, pitting Republican against Republican in primaries.

Financing of extreme right wing candidates like Cliff Pirtle, who seems more suited to run for student council than New Mexico State Senate. All this in an effort to enact her Texas-style policies on New Mexicans.

Just recently we’ve seen our own Timothy Z. Jennings, president pro tem of the New Mexico Senate, hauled into District Court, then State Supreme Court, challenged by Pirtle on a technicality. All this after the Secretary of State’s [auth] office and the Attorney General’s office had signed off on the matter and had placed Sen. Jennings on the ballot.

Pirtle was defeated at great expense to New Mexico taxpayers and Sen. Jennings. The big question is: Who financed Pirtle in this frivolous escapade?

Tim Jennings has served the citizens of District 32 with honesty, integrity and full support of both parties for 34 years. Tim calls it as he sees it based on what’s right and what’s best for New Mexicans. There is no hidden agenda with Sen. Jennings; what you see is what you get.

In this election year, we need to keep our true values in perspective. Republican or Democrat, we are all New Mexicans first. We enjoy the lifestyle we have here in Chaves County because of leaders like Tim Jennings and in spite of political hopefuls like Pirtle.

Fred Moran


Democratic Party of Chaves County

Obama flip-flops on energy

Dear Editor:

Toby Keith had a popular song with the title “How Do You Like Me Now?” It was addressed to a girl who had ignored him when he was a high school geek but then saw him with new eyes once he became a country music superstar.

That is the kind of thing going on now with President Obama and the oil and gas industry. In the early days of his administration, he thought and said that the era of oil and gas was over and it would, and should, soon be replaced with “green” energy (a la wind turbines and solar panels).

Now that the green sector is fast going bankrupt (and taking with it hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars spent on subsidies), Obama now says he likes oil and gas. He even made a special trip to our oil and gas region to say that for national TV. Oh, and the fact that his re-election is looming and gasoline prices are high due at least in part to the restrictions on drilling his administration has imposed — that might also have something to do with his newfound infatuation with an important American industry.

However, Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth. At the same time he was in New Mexico remarking on how he likes oil and gas, his administration and its allies in Washington were pushing for billions in new taxes on — guess what? — oil and gas. A little-observed fact is that both our own senators, Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall, voted for this tax on the Senate floor. They did not tout that vote, probably preferring that few of us really take note. But that’s what they did; and it’s what Obama did.

Talk’s cheap. Obama, Bingaman and Udall have a lot to prove when they are suddenly all sweet talk about the U.S. energy industry.


Larry Connolly



Dear Editor:

Contraceptive pills are used for more than preventing pregnancy. Frequently, they are needed to treat various gynecological problems.

Why are the same men, who failed to protect our children against the pedophiles among their own ranks, so concerned with interfering with the most personal aspects of women’s lives?


Margaret Stevens


Letter writer

Dear Editor:

I am always very pleased to see letters from Ms. Delma Craig in the Daily Record. I find her observations interesting and they make me very glad that I no longer support the Republican party.

John Ford


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