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April 29, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

The last state house session revealed a lot about our Gov. Susana Martinez. Don’t let that disarming smile fool you, Gov. Martinez is a cold and calculating politico whose style of governing has more to do with personal ambition than doing what’s best for New Mexicans.

Well-funded by Texas money and with close ties to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Susana has brought with her to Santa Fe a prosecutorial and punitive style of governing that tolerates no dissent, not even among members of her own Republican Party.

Lately we have seen far greater challenges to incumbent state House and Senate members, pitting Republican against Republican in primaries.

Financing of extreme right wing candidates like Cliff Pirtle, who seems more suited to run for student council than New Mexico State Senate. All this in an effort to enact her Texas-style policies on New Mexicans.

Just recently we’ve seen our own Timothy Z. Jennings, president pro tem of the New Mexico Senate, hauled into District Court, then State Supreme Court, challenged by Pirtle on a technicality. All this after the Secretary of State’s Login to read more

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