Patriot Guard Riders

April 27, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

John Taylor missed a very important aspect of military/veteran funerals in the April 18 paper.

That’s the services provided by a nationwide volunteer group — the Patriot Guard Riders. They are available to [auth] perform numerous services for the veteran/KIA. These include escort of the family from the home to the funeral home/church/cemetery; missing man formation escort of the hearse; flag line at the church before and after the ceremony, and vanguard at the cemetery. Our local ride captains are Michael (Murf) Murphy, 575-420-0247; Mike Chavez, 575-317-8118; and MaryAnn (thebosslady) Murphy, 575-420-0243. The funeral home representative or an official family representative may call any one of us at any time when an escort is desired or if they desire more information.

MaryAnn Murphy


SENM Assistant Ride Captain

Patriot Guard Riders

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