Oil facts distorted

April 25, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

“Gas prices are rising, and the Republicans are licking their chops.”

This was a headline in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal.

This article had to be talking about elected officials and not about the average everyday Republican who drives to work every day or uses gas or diesel in a business.

This is more evidence that elected Republicans are completely disconnected from their constituents, and that they blindly vote the party line, so why are most of them re-elected and sent back to Washington?

Republicans say that President Obama is causing and favors higher gas prices; this is an insane argument. President Obama, the Democrats and the Republicans know that higher gas prices are a major threat to President Obama’s re-election chances, so how could he possibly be in favor of rising gas prices?

In the discussion of gas prices and President Obama, a few facts need to be addressed.

Fact: the president, or this country actually, has very little, if any, influence or control or gas prices.

Fact: The U.S. is now producing more oil than ever before in history.

Fact: The Republicans say we can become Login to read more

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