Mail-service changes coming to Farmington

February 27, 2012 • State News

FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) — Farmington Mayor Tommy Roberts says the U.S. Postal Service’s decision to move all mail processing from his city to Albuquerque shouldn’t change much in Farmington.

The move announced Thursday was made as part of a nationwide consolidation of mail processing and will save $359,000 annually.

Roberts told the Farmington Daily Times ( that he doesn’t expect the change to severely affect his community and that people will have to make adjustments.

The mayor said people haven’t protested the end of local mail processing and that he [auth] has received no complaints.

“I’ve had absolutely no input from anyone,” Roberts said.

Service standards for first-class mail are likely to change. That stamped letter that used to take only a day to reach its destination now will take two.

“A letter that’s mailed from one Farmington residence to another would currently be a one-day service standard,” said Postal Service spokesman Peter Hass. “That would move to a two-day service standard.”

Mail from one Farmington resident or business to another will be trucked to Albuquerque for processing before returning to Farmington.

The agency said there will be no changes at this time to the Postal Service’s retail or business mail operations in Farmington. There are no plans to close post office locations here.

In December, the agency held a public meeting at San Juan College to discuss the changes. Few members of the public attended, although Postal Service employees said they were worried about potentially losing their jobs.

The financially troubled Postal Service has looked for ways to cut costs.

First-class mail volume has dropped 25 percent nationwide since 2006. That drop has hurt the Postal Service, which does not receive tax dollars and needs sales to fund its services.

“With our declining mail volume, obviously we see a decline in revenue,” Hass said. “We have to find a way to cut our costs and also become more efficient.”

The Postal Service has not set a specific date for the change. Until a specific date has been announced, residential and business mailers will continue to be served through the current facilities, the agency said.

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