Tax increase? I don’t think so

February 21, 2012 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor:
I keep reading and hearing about how the proposed gross receipts tax increase will be so small that no one will even miss the piddly amount from their hard earned pay. That’s wrong. I read that it will only be an increase of 12.5 cents for every $100. That’s right, but, I hear that it won’t hurt poor people. That’s wrong.

What really bothers me is that these things are said to be the “truth about the tax.”

“This tax will only be 12.5 cents on every $100 you spend.” OK, Roswell citizens, add up what you spend on Login to read more

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One Response to Tax increase? I don’t think so

  1. rjsmith says:

    This is the exact reason Roswell is the way it is. People don’t want to put any investment in this city or agree to increase taxes a little to improve the quality of life in this town. People choose to leave this city because it offer few ammenities and low pay. There needs to be a demand for a 4 year university in Roswell and also addtional training for vocationl jobs other than what ENMU-R has to offer. The city is dirty and there isn’t anything for young people to do, know wonder the crime rate is so high. It would be amazing if there was a decent community center with a nice aquatic facility in Roswell but the people there refuse to invest in community building projects such as this. Roswell should be looking at simlar sized cities and how the were able to effectively intcie large manufacturing jobs to the city. It costs money to bring companies into our town. We need to create a beatiful city that people want to be a part of and that doesn’t come free. “Freedom isn’t free so stop whinning and pay your taxes”

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